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What's New Central Texas | Living the organized dream come true

For the last three years Katie King decided to chase her dream and love of getting others around her organized

Sometimes the biggest impacts in our lives begin when we are young, impressionable, and eager to get our little hands on everything we can, right down to kitchen utensils.

"When I was a little girl my Mom would ask me to organize her pots and pans cupboard," said Katie King with a smile on her face. "So, I would take them out and I would put everything back in an organized way."

With that, King's love of cleaning and organizing began as she turned that moment into many, cleaning and re-organizing her bedroom as a child countless times.

"I've always just had a knack for organizing and recently, in the last couple of years, I thought that maybe I can make money doing this," she said.

King said it began as a passion project but grew over the last couple of years and she reached out to friends to help them get a better grip on organization because, she she puts it, it helps declutter the mind.

"Specifically in the past couple of years I was working for a friend and taking care of her kids and found that I wanted her house to be in an organized state so that I could help her better," King told 6 News.

She began to follow organizing influencers on Instagram and other social media channels as a way to help organize her own structure and to foster ideas for how she can help those around her.

King now owns and operates her own small business, Katie King Organizing, and while it will take some time to build it as big as she hopes, she knows she's on the path she's always dreamed of.

"I know what it feels like to be organized and it helps me to have a mental state of clarity and I want that for other people," King said. "I just want to help people get organized which will help them free up some mental space."

She has built her business on three simple principles; minimize, organize and simplify. King said she recommends clients to be home and involved as much as possible as the declutter process begins.

Credit: Felisa Cardenas

"Less is more because the less you have just laying around, the more physical and emotional space you have for the things you actually enjoy," King explained.

Everything, she said, needs a home and a place to go and whenever possible, putting labels on things offers anyone who may enter that space to know what goes where at any time.

King also runs a blog on her website, and in that blog she writes extensively about ways to cut down on clutter, including before and after photos of clients rescued from disorganized chaos

"The number one advice I have is, and I know this sounds morbid, but think about if your house was to burn down in five years or you had to move every five years, what would you take with you, what would you grab?" she asked. "You would want the more important things in life."

King said she understands those that may feel overwhelmed and that there's no way they can be helped after years of accumulation. She promised that isn't the case.

"I don't judge. I have seen everything," King said with a laugh. "Bring it on. This is what I'm good at and I can help you, I can help you."

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