With all those holiday bills piled up and a new year in full swing, it's time to start thinking about how to keep more dollars in your pocket.

"Teach you how to save 40-60 percent on groceries, cut your electricity bill and cut your cable. There's just lots of ways to save that people don't know about," said one money expert.

Natalie Reid is a blogger, couponer and ModMomTV.com editor.

One money expert said apps are one of the best ways to save in 2018.

"I save my family about 10 to 15 thousand dollars a year," Reid said.

Natalie Reid, blogger and couponer, said rebate apps like ibotta and MobiSave are simple ways to get money back. She recommends people scan grocery store items and upload the receipt after shopping. Then, an app like ibotta will give you cash back for products straight into the your account.

"The average American family spends about 600 dollars a month on groceries," Reid explained.

Reid also said there is a quick and easy way to save on your cable bill -- where most people spend $150 to $200 a month.

With products like Sling, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire, she said you will pay much less and get access to just as many programs.

Reid said there's a clever way to save more than $1,000 by the end of 2018 and you can start right now.

"The 52 week money saving challenge. And basically, so the first week of January, we put a dollar in. The second week of January, we put 2 dollars in," she said. "By the end of that year that 52 weeks, you will have almost 1400 dollars in this jar that you have seen grow," Reid explained.

The expert said the most common misconception about couponing is it takes too much time -- but think again.

"There was a Wall Street Journal study that came out a few years ago that said the average savings per coupon was a dollar and 44 cents and it took a minute to clip and file that which would translate into a hourly rate of $86.40," Reid said.

Reid said this is also a great way to teach kids to learn the value of a dollar.

Experts like Associate Dean of the UMHB Business School Doctor Kirk Fischer said people can even look to something as necessary as life insurance to save those precious dollars.

"Two kinds of insurance, term insurance life insurance you're only buying the insurance whereas whole life insurance, you're buying some sort of savings policy. The return on those savings policies is notoriously bad," Fischer said.

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