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CLICK TO BUY: $110 Off Hercules Remote Controlled Unbreakable Helicopter + Free Delivery

It soars high like a drone, it has four propellers like a quadcopter - and it's indestructible!

If you've ever flown a remote controlled helicopter or drone, everything you know about the hobby is about to change. The LED enabled Glow In the Dark GYRO Hercules helicopter is the world's first and only unbreakable copter.

The helicopter can take up to 200 pounds of force (trust me, it's a real thing - I stepped and jumped on it repeatedly). There's also no more fears of crashing, collisions or worrying about spare parts.

If you're a beginner pilot or more advanced flyer, this wickedly fun helicopter adjusts to all skill levels. The built-in gyroscope makes flying a breeze with a level of stabilization and control that's impossible to find at this price.

Click the play button to see my tests and watch me stand on top of the helicopter with all of my body weight.

- Zero assembly required

- Helicopter body can take up to 200 pounds of force

- LED lights

- Comes with spare blades

- Helicopter is rechargeable, remote control requires six AA batteries

- 3.5 channel radio control

- Built in gyroscope for maximum stability

- Extremely fun to use and easy to fly

- Unbreakable and virtually indestructible

$110 Off Hercules Remote Controlled Unbreakable Helicopter + Free Delivery

Was: $149.99

Now: $39.99


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