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It’s unfortunate, but any time you browse the internet, you could be hacked — especially on the go. The only way to truly protect your personal browsing habits is with a virtual private network like KeepSolid VPN Unlimited.

Before you head to the airport and depart on your summer travels, be sure to set up your VPN. This will ensure no matter where you go and what you browse, you’ll be protected. How?

1. A VPN basically makes you invisible.

KeepSolid’s VPN technology shields your identity, so you can browse securely and freely on public wi-fi. Whether you’re waiting at the airport, you’re chilling at the hotel, or you’re out at a restaurant, your location is shielded with an invisibility cloak and you are a nameless, faceless being on the web.

2. It allows you to access the inaccessible.

A VPN unlocks region-blocked content so you can access websites, apps, and services anywhere in the world. Watch the U.S. version of Netflix in Japan, or The Great British Baking Show stateside before new episodes are even available. The web is your oyster.

3. Encrypt everything.

Anything you do on the web with a VPN app running and connected to a server will be encrypted. That means you’re basically in your own private tunnel on the internet, so you can send and share data without it ever reaching other eyes. This is perfect for when you want to download music, films, or anything else for your travels.

Claim your internet anonymity back and vacation privately with a lifetime warranty to VPN Unlimited from Typically $499.99, it’s yours today for just $39.99 — that’s 92% off.

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