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BUY IT HERE: $100 Off New IdeaUsa Active Noise Canceling Headphones + Free Shipping

Say hello to the single best pair of noise-canceling headphones that are made in the USA. These headphones outperformed every pair of headphones on the market at double to triple the price, with a whopping 25 hours of battery life. That’s right! The average pair of headphones have an eight-hour battery life. Today: 25 hours!

The active noise-canceling iDEAUSA headphones had better sound quality and battery life than comparable headphones by both Beats By Dre and Bose within the same price range.

As an example, Beats Studio Wireless Headphones cost $379 — on sale this month for $206 — and have only 11 hours of battery life. The iDeaUSA headphones at $89.99 today surpass those stats in a big way.

The new-for-Prime Day 2018 IdeaUSA active noise-canceling headphones are ideal for travel, blocking out the world, streaming and immersing yourself in a high-fidelity audio environment that's completely unparalleled.

Click the play button to see these headphones in action!

- Headphones reduce 85 percent of ambient noise

- A whopping 25 hours of battery life in our tests (most headphones offer just eight hours)!

- Headphones quickly charge in around two hours

- Smart headphones automatically convert to Bluetooth headset when a call comes in!

- Streams with virtually any smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth device from 35 feet away

- Hi-Fi audio is top notch for gaming, movies, sports and TV streaming

- Extremely lightweight

- Feature an aptx codec for incredible audio playback unheard of at this price

- Ideal for any commute or travel

- Folds for travel, with all accessories and carrying case included. Works with virtually any Bluetooth audio device, Apple, Android and Windows

- Guaranteed to be Prime Day’s best-over-the-ear headphones deal

- Lowest price today and guaranteed lowest price on Amazon Prime Day

$100 Off New IdeaUsa Active Noise Canceling Headphones + Free Shipping

Was: $189.99

Now: $89.99


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