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Many of the smartest purchases you can make around Prime Day 2018 are for a modern-day smart home.

Paired with an Amazon Echo, Google home or used on their own, smart tech deals are incredibly hot this season. While Amazon Prime Day 2018 brought thousands of new bargains into the hands of shoppers, if you missed out, I have a top 10 list you need to see.

Whether you are short on time, money or looking for more convenience, the deals below make your world more accessible and connected. I've extensively tested every deal you see listed below.

Click the play button to see our top gadget picks in action. Some of the deals below were also front-runners at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We also received several requests on Prime Day for deals on Ring doorbells; while those sales have ended, you can check out those gadgets here.

If you don't have Prime and want to score FREE shipping on any item, use this free 30-day Amazon Prime trial.

1) $20 Off Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Was: $69.99

Now: $49.99

2) $40 Off SmartHome Smart Plug For Alexa and Google Home

Was: $69.99

Now: $29.99

3) $30 Off Rocketbook Smart Notebooks (Also seen on "Shark Tank")

Was: $59.99

Now: $29.99

4) Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Was: $199.99

Now: $159.99

5) $200 Off Top Rated Smart Laptop With Fingerprint ID + Cortana

Was: $599.99

Now: $399.99

6) $20 Off Robo Shiatsu Neck, Back and Shoulder Massager With Heat

Was: $89.99

Now: $69.99

7) $80 Off Z-Edge 4K Smart Action Cam + Free Accessories

Was: $149.99

Now: $69.99

8) $30 Off Q Wireless Apple and Android Charger (with car accessory)

Was: $59.99

Now: $29.99

9) $30 Off iClever Smartphone and iPad Powerbank

Was: $62.99

Now: $32.99

10) $70 Off Smart HP Digital Picture Frame + Wireless Speaker + HD Display

Was: $199.99

Now: $129.99


Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this Station, Amazon Live and others. He is not compensated by the brands featured here. This Station and its parent company may receive a share of the revenue from the site that sells the product if you purchase one of these products using the link on this page.