BUY IT NOW: Save almost $150 on the Bang & Olufsen H4 Bluetooth Headphones with promo code: WEEKEND15

  • WHAT IS THIS? Premium Bluetooth over-ear headphones from Bang & Olufsen
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Commuters, audiophiles, frequent travelers, students
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? They’re the perfect combination of form, function, and price — and you can get them for over $100 off!

The perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones means something different to everyone. Some people prioritize sound quality, while others prioritize style, comfort, or price. The thing is, you shouldn’t have to make sacrifices to listen to your tunes. Enter Bang & Olufsen H4 Bluetooth Headphones.

The H4’s combine quality materials, rich aesthetics, and rich, natural sound to give you the premium headphones you’ve been looking for. In other words, they look, feel, and sound amazing. With an impressive 19 hours of playtime per charge, and comfortable leather cups over your ears, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts, catch up on audiobooks, and jam for hours without missing a beat. They’re perfect for commuters and frequent travelers who want to tune out the world and look good doing it.

While they’re primarily Bluetooth headphones, you can also plug them directly into devices using the included audio cable for ultra-flexibility. Plus, they feature built-in, minimalist controls that make it easy to pair, switch tracks, and take calls.

You deserve headphones that are pleasing on the eyes, ears, and wallet. And lucky for you, the Bang & Olufsen H4 Bluetooth Headphones are currently on sale for $153 with the use of promo code: WEEKEND15.

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