BUY IT NOW: Get almost $200 off on the Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System with limited time promo code: SPRING15

  • WHAT IS THIS? 12 month’s worth of an enamel-safe at-home teeth whitening serum
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Anyone looking for an A-list celeb smile without the excessive dental fees
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? So you can get a whiter smile without damaging your enamel, struggling with sensitivity, or breaking the bank.

Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist can cost hundreds of dollars. And most at-home teeth whitening products either give you extreme discomfort or just don’t work. The Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System is looking to change all that.

The Snow System is designed to be safe on your enamel and won’t dehydrate your teeth. Or, in other words, it won’t cause the sensitivity most at-home systems cause. It’s also been shown to produce fast results with a reported 99.3 percent success rating on all kinds of stains — from coffee to tobacco. Oh, and it’ll give you results five times faster than comparable systems.

Inside the kit, you’ll find 12 months’ worth of whitening serum plus the original, safe LED whitening accelerating technology.

You can get this $300 Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System for just $102 today on — 60 percent off the original cost with limited time promo code: SPRING15.

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