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BUY IT HERE: $60 Off #1 Rated Cool Dream Sleep Pillows + Free Shipping (just listed for Prime Day)

The biggest Amazon Prime Day deal of 2017 wasn't for a laptop, TV or Echo. Based on click rates and taking into account purchases rates and web traffic across the country for 2017 - cool touch sleep pillows dominated on Amazon Prime Day and were no. 1 with our viewers and website visitors.

So without further delay, you can now score this top deal new for 2018 before the general public as part of my quest to save you cash.

Did you know a pillow is supposed to be replaced every 36 months? And even if you change your pillows, how hot are they? Your body temperature must drop one degree to fall into deep sleep and the pillow deal I found is guaranteed to retain that temperature drop.

These top-selling pillows use new robot-developed smart technology to promote deep sleep and they can now help you feel better every morning. The pillow also always stays cool all thanks to the cooling gel center.

Click the play button to see the pillow and its tech up close.

Other features include:

- Pillow constantly stays cool while offering full support to help you sleep

- Developed by sleep therapists, doctors and ideal for those with insomnia

- Helps anyone with sleep apnea or snoring issues sleep better

- Percale weave eliminates moisture and heat

- Design provides extreme breathability

- Pillow retains 91 percent of its volume and 94 percent of its softness after 50,000 pounding cycles

- Allergy safe

- Top pillow we've tested at its lowest recorded price

$60 Off #1 Rated Cool Dream Sleep Pillows + Free Shipping (just listed for Prime Day)

Was: $139.99 (for two)

Now: $79.99 (for two)

***Lowest price and guaranteed to be the same price on Amazon Prime Day


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