HOUSTON — Loving beauty products can come with an expensive price tag. That’s why the topic of “dupes," cheaper products that work as well as the luxury kind, is so popular.

We decided to try some popular drugstore dupes with Houston-based makeup artist Kierra Lanice Wray. Wray’s work can be seen on famous faces from national award and TV shows.

On the day she showed up at the KHOU 11 studio, Wray had bags of cheaper products and was on a mission to help our viewers save money.

She also brought two models for our demonstration: Noelle Nance and Delaney Martinez.

"You can create the same exact looks just for a lot less so that you're not going into debt," Wray said.

Wray decided to do a split face test on both models. On the left side of the screen is the expensive makeup. On the right side, she applied the drugstore dupes.

high end vs drugstore makeup 1
high end vs drugstore makeup 2

Here's a look at the products Wray used and the price comparison:

high end vs drugstore makeup dupes price comparison

Wray admitted she loves learning about new dupes, but not for everything. 

“When it comes to color products, your lipsticks and your blushes and things like that, use whatever brands,” Wray said. “I always say invest in those things that are applied directly to your face, which are going to be your foundations and concealers.”

Those high-end products cost us $314. The drugstore dupes were $79. That's a whopping price difference of $235. 

To learn more about Kierra Lanice Wray, check out her Instagram page.


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