There’s a fine line between fashion risk and fashion disaster. But sometimes the line is obvious, and lace shorts for men are way over that line.

Hologram City has revealed a line of lace shorts for men. They’re breathable and pink.

If you want to wear something breathable, why not go with a kilt?

The shorts have pockets, but no place to put your “man bits,” which seems like an oversight since the pointless shorts cost $49 a pair.

Are these clothes just lingerie for men? Do people really want these?

Apparently, someone wants these clothes. The oversized lace t-shirt is sold out.

They also have a jumpsuit that will run you $75 but that’s for a whole outfit. You don’t have to buy an extra shirt, so it’s a bargain…

Almost as good of a bargain as the emperor got for his new clothes!

At least with these clothes, you have something to see through for your money.