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Money Talks: Have fun along the way

You save and save and probably have been doing so for years. But be sure to budget for fun and smell the roses along the way.

TEMPLE, Texas — You've got to love Financial Planner Rolandus Johnson's attitude towards his clients by insisting that fun be built into your budget, all in an effort to live the life that you want to! 

Johnson told 6 News, “Exactly it's our goals to find efficient ways to make that so the big thing is making the dollar do more than one thing. So, if we can be efficient in our savings and efficient in our planning it allows you more time and the ability to do fun stuff in your 20's, 30's and even the 40's nowadays But, you’re still putting money away to have that great life later on."

Johnson wants to remind everyone that a lot of what you spend money on now can double duty it as your entertainment. 

"Game night, family game night at home, that is huge in our household," said Johnson. "Whether it's Monopoly or things like that. Movie night at home with all the streaming services that we've got. Between HBO Max, HULU, Netflix, Prime Video all of these things and movie night at home."

And a lot of people say what's the point if you save all of your life, and then you don't get to fully enjoy that retirement. 

“The financial peace of mind from doing things the right way, and along the way, it usually works out, so you turn you turn 58 or 60 and you've got loved ones around you and the financial peace is not a worry, you're more worried about taking care of them and they can focus on taking care of you know whatever your scenario is," said Johnson.

So spoil yourself a little, and your loved ones, but understand why you are making those sacrifices. "Right, right, live like no one else today, so that you can live like no one else tomorrow," said Johnson. "That's huge in my client base."

Of course, with inflation hitting as hard as it is, you really have to budget for spending your money on fun, otherwise it's easy to have too much month left, at the end of your money...

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