Temple is one of the top five cheapest cities to buy groceries in the United States, according to an analysis by Student Loan Hero, a company that helps college students with their finances.

McAllen, Texas, took the title of cheapest city in which to live, overall. That figure was based on its low cost-of-living, affordable grocery prices, and below-average health care prices -- among other factors.

But, while Temple was not the most affordable city you could find, its grocery costs stood out as being even lower than McAllen's. Shoppers in Temple see average prices that are 19.2-percent below the national average, according to Student Loan Hero's analysis -- which examined 253 urban areas in America.

The grocery cost analysis involved comparing meat, dairy, produce, bakery and other miscellaneous product prices. Other cheap places to buy groceries included Jackson-Madison County, Tennessee; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Harlingen, Texas; and, of course, McAllen.

The most expensive place to buy groceries was Honolulu, Hawaii.

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