TEMPLE, Texas — 1. 4 dogs die, 3 survive in Waco shed fire, officials investigate cause

Structure fire at 900 block of N. 31st St. in Waco on Feb. 11, 2019
A stand-alone shed is burned to the ground after it caught fire around 1:30 a.m. Monday at the 900 block of N. 31st St. in Waco.
Maria Aguilera, KCEN

The Waco Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of a fire that burned down a shed and killed four dogs inside. Although no humans were injured, three of the seven dogs were rescued.

2. Downtown Temple gears up for makeover

Some of the new additions to downtown Temple include a pizza restaurant, tap room, deli and coffee shop. Read more to see sketches from the city's plans.

3. Trial date for Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown delayed for second time

After her trial date was re-scheduled twice, Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown will begin her trial today. It's now up to her jury to decide if she will keep her position or be removed. Here's some background on our coverage.

4. Falls County officials search for suspect responsible for Rosebud community center damage

Officials said the suspect entered the Barclay Community Center and damaged several windows and the overall structure, which cost thousands of dollars in damages. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Falls County Sheriff's Office.

5. 5 reasons Killeen's violent crime rate dropped last year

In review of Killeen's crime history, 2017 was one of the worst years for violent crime. In 2018, murders and robberies dropped over 50-percent each. Here's what Channel 6 found.

6. Trump tries to turn border debate his way with El Paso rally

While President Trump is expected to draw a large crowd in El Paso for a rally over the border wall today, Beto O'Rourke will speak across the street from him about the same time this evening for a one-mile march.

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