TEMPLE, Texas — Before you get up and go, here are 6 things you should know. Let's get started.

1. Local Weather Forecast

After a strong cold front dropped temperatures by nearly 30 degrees over the weekend, warmer and windy conditions are expected for Monday. However, another strong cold front is expected to blow through Central Texas again this week. Watch Meagan Massey's forecast for the full details.

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2. Temple police investigate deaths of child at hospital and second person at home

police lights generic_1526559659412.jpg-432346027-432346027-432346027.jpg
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Temple police continue investigating how the death of a child at the hospital is connected to the death of another person at a home Saturday. Here's what we know so far.

3. Killeen policy change puts NAACP's MLK march in local park

Lions Club Park in Killeen
Andrew Moore

About 10 days before the annual Martin Luther King Jr. march was set to take place by the Killeen NAACP, a city policy changed their plans. Read more to find out what changed.

4. Johnsonville recalling pork patties over possible contamination

Johnsonville grillers recall
The USDA announced Friday that Johnsonville was recalling around 48,000 pounds of raw ground pork patty over concerns it may be contaminated with black rubber.

After three consumers reported they found black rubber in the product, the company recalled more than 48,000 pounds of raw ground pork patties. If you have this product in your freezer, you'll want to check for these dates.

5. Frozen chicken nuggets recalled for wood pieces inside

Chicken nuggets recalled for pieces of wood

Additionally, Perdue Foods ready-to-eat frozen chicken nuggets are being recalled after consumers found pieces of wood inside the product. If you have this product in your freezer, check for these dates, then get rid of it.

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6. Time lapse of the 2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon

If you looked up at the night sky on Sunday, you should have noticed the moon looking different than usual. Jan. 21, 2019 marked the day of the super blood wolf moon, and KCEN Channel 6 staff took their cameras to the sky to document the action. Watch a time lapse of the process, shot by Chief Photojournalist Rocky Bridges. And check out this picture, shot by Multi-Platform Producer Nick Tarrant.

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