The first Texas laboratory confirmed case of the Zika infection in a pregnant resident who did not travel outside the state was identified Tuesday according to the Texas Department of State Health services.

The woman who tested positive resides in Bexar County. Though she has not left the state she did travel to Brownsville in November around the same time six Brownsville residents acquired cases of Zika virus disease from mosquitoes there. At the time she did not get sick and was tested for Zika during regular prenatal care.

The Department of State Health services says that because the infection was not transmitted in Bexar County, it does not represent an increased risk of Zika there.

DSHS says the infection could have been transmitted by mosquitoes or through sexual contact with a partner who was infected. They urge everyone to continue protecting themselves from mosquito bites, especially when visiting Brownsville and other parts of the state where mosquito activity continues throughout the winter months.

A report is given from DSHS every Tuesday on the number of Zika virus disease cases in Texas by the patient’s county of residence. As of this past week, one Zika case has been reported for 2017 with 300 cases reported for 2015 and 2016.

Full data for previous years can be found here.