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Efforts continue to remove debris in Temple

Temple Public Works trucks have been collecting tree limbs around town for the last two weeks.

TEMPLE, Texas — Tree limbs and debris can still be seen scattered across Temple after the recent winter storm. 

City of Temple Public Works and Solid Waste has been piling up tree limbs on the side of the road and at homes to make it easier to collect them.

Temple homeowner Larry Ingle says he's had his pile of tree limbs in his yard for over two weeks and is waiting for them to be picked up.

"We got them all piled up and ready for them to come I'm hoping that they will do it this week but I don't know for sure," Ingle explained.

It may seem like it's taking a while for the city to clean these tree limbs up, and because the city wasn't aware of how much damage the winter storm would cause, it is.

Temple public relations coordinator Nohely Mackowiak explained the process of debris removal and why it may seem like tree limbs haven't been cleaned up.

"Our public works crew went from the south side of temple and right now, they're cleaning the center area of temple, and they're working their way up to North Temple. That's where they're seeing the most damage," Mackowiak shared.

So far, 5 grapple and waste trucks have been plowing through neighborhoods and streets for the last two weeks. They've made over 250 trips around town and still, there is much more to go.

Temple's Solid Waste director Justin Brantley says they've never collected this many tree limbs and the solid waste site is filing up fast.

The city is asking for resident's patience as they too have been overwhelmed with how much clean up is needed in town.

"We just ask the community to be patient. I know that it's annoying to see all of that debris on the side of the road or near your homes. Just be patient with us, we are working to get through every single neighborhood," Mackowiak said.

Any tree limbs or debris can be placed at the curb cut into lengths of 10 feet or less for collection. The over-limit fees will be waived for the collection of large trees and debris related to storm damage. Residents can bring tree debris and large brush to the Solid Waste offices from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at 3219 Bullseye Lane.

A current water bill is needed upon arrival.

Visit Temple's Solid Waste website for more information on delays and updates on when regular Brush and Bulk collection schedules will resume.

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