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Two brothers are hoping to bring the small town of Lott back to life

Robert Jones and DeWayne Luster have purchased the downtown strip in Lott and are fixing the buildings up.

LOTT, Texas — A small city in Falls County with less than 700 people is losing its spark. However, that isn't stopping one family from bringing some attention to the area.

Back in 1970, the City of Lott was a hotspot. Robert Jones and DeWayne Luster  both grew up in the town together and remember the city fondly.

"Lott has fun memories that I couldn't find anywhere else," Jones said. 

The two brothers are now stepping in as they decided to buy the downtown strip area in Lott, right at 112 E. Gassaway Ave. 

They are fixing up old buildings, bringing in new businesses and creating residential spaces to help put the city back on the map. 

They have one business open called Lotts of Events where people can grab coffee, eat southern-styled food and listen to live music. The businesses next to it will interlock and have a courtyard for entertainment and events.

"You'll be able to go through each building through the back," Jones said.  

Luster says he's most excited about the opportunities this will bring to the community, specifically job opportunities.

"I know that there's a lot of opportunity for the kids around here, but maybe we can do something to help build some more," Luster said. 

Most of the projects come from their personal savings. 

"These projects have been paid for out of our pockets," Jones said.

Lott residents say the brothers have flipped the town upside down and cannot wait for what's to come.

"He has done a miracle," Doris Stegall, a senior who grew up in Lott said. "He has saved our town."

Ultimately, the brothers wants to give back to the Lott community because the town gave so much to them growing up. 

The next milestone date for the family and business is coming up on March 18 where there will be a crawfish boil. The brothers also shared that as time goes on, new businesses will continue to bloom in the area. For more information, click here.  

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