A San Antonio family is planning the funeral of a 17-year-old girl who was killed while sitting in a stalled car that was hit from behind.

Henry Martinez never thought he would be planning for his niece's funeral.

"We don't plan for this," he said. "I know it is an accident but it is hard. She didn't even get to see the world. She didn't even get to finish school."

On Sunday, Kayla Ann Marie was killed when she was sitting in the backseat of a car at I-37 and Donop. The family says that the car was overheating and she stayed inside the car to keep warm. Police report that another driver did not see the car stalled on the right-hand shoulder and hit it from behind causing it to roll over.

Kayla died at a nearby hospital.

"What was so important that she had to reach to get something and not pay attention to the road, especially at night," Martinez said. "You have to pay attention to the road."

According to police, the driver of the other vehicle is not expected to face any criminal charges but the investigation is ongoing.

"We are not blaming that person," he said. "But can you help? We are just asking for help. She was a young girl."

Funeral arrangements are pending because the family says that they need $6,000 to bury Kayla.

"We just want her to rest in peace," her grandmother said. "We just want to get her funeral going so she can just rest in peace."

Kayla went to South San High School, which has grief counselors on hand for the students.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page here for people that want to help with funeral expenses.