HOUSTON – H-E-B announced Wednesday it is sending supply trucks to Publix stores in Florida to help with the Irma recovery efforts. Publix is the same store that sent supplies to help H-E-B in Texas after Harvey.

"Because we’re stronger together, H-E-B is repaying the kindness shown to us by our friends at Publix and beyond during Hurricane Harvey. Today, we sent trucks to Florida to help with relief from Hurricane Irma. Our friends near and far were there in our time of need, so it’s our turn to lend a helping hand. #TexasStrong,” H-E-B posted on Facebook.

MySanAntonio.com reports H-E-B’s trucks will be loaded down with water, ice and cleaning supplies from Houston. The supplies will be sent to Publix’s headquarters near Tampa.

H-E-B “has pledged $100,000 to Harvey victims and deployed its own emergency response fleet — more than 15 disaster response vehicles, including two mobile kitchens, water and fuel tankers, trailers and direct response units — to areas of Texas impacted by the Harvey storm system,” reported MySanAntonio.com.

The San Antonio chain has given almost $3 million in donations, volunteer hours and emergency responses so far.