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Heart of Central Texas: Copperas Cove couple cleans up the community

Cindi and Dave Novak pick up litter every time they walk their dogs.

COPPERAS COVE, Texas — One Copperas Cove couple is taking matters into their own hands, literally, to beautify their neighborhood.

For the past several years Cindi and Dave Novak have walked their dogs in their neighborhood, as many others do, but it's what they do during their walks that stands out.

"I was always taught that you leave a place cleaner than when you found them," Cindi Novak said.

Armed with a bag and gloves, the pair take it upon themselves to clean up litter.

"It isn't any extra effort and it makes me feel better that I can do my little portion for the environment," Cindi said.

6 News joined Cindi and her son Timothy during a recent walk as Dave had prior engagements.

"I'm impressed that she's done this every day, I'm impressed that my dad has done this every day," Timothy said.

The Novaks have called their neighborhood in Copperas Cove home for nearly 18 years. Cindi said trash started piling up once development grew and even more so as the recent pandemic continued.

"I thought, 'Well, I'm walking so I might as well grab an extra bag and clean up as I go,'" Cindi said.

Some days they collect a bag's worth of trash and multiple bags on other days depending on the route and length of the walk.

"But it's good we end the day with the streets a little more tidy," Cindi said.

Cindi doesn't do it for the recognition instead getting pleasure from knowing she's doing her part. But if we all took a page out of her book, boy, could things be different.

"I think if we all do what's in our little scope of our world, it makes a difference if we all do it collectively.," Cindi said. "This is just my little part.

"It does make me feel good." 

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