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Jarrell Police give bluebonnet safety tips through humorous photoshoot

The Department posted pictures of officers posing amongst the bluebonnets while giving advice on how to stay safe.

JARRELL, Texas — Bluebonnet season is in full bloom in Texas, and the Jarrell Police Department found a humorous way to let the community know some safety tips as they venture out to take their family pictures with the flowers.

The Department shared a collage of photos of officers posing for their own photoshoot among the bluebonnets in a variety of popular poses, and captioned it with their advice on what to know before frolicking through the fields.

First and foremost, the Department advised Central Texans to watch out for rattlesnakes and bees as they choose a location for their pictures, as both could be making themselves at home among the flowers.

Jarrell PD recommends giving the area "a good once over" before setting up to take pictures. They also warned that not every rattlesnake will rattle.

With many beautiful patches of bluebonnets along Texas roads, the Department gave a full list of tips on how to stay safe taking roadside photos:

1) Do not stop on the highways for wildflower photos.

2) Signal before leaving or entering the roadway.

3) Park off the roadway (off of improved shoulders), parallel to the road in the direction of traffic.

4) Don’t cross lanes of traffic on foot to get to the flowers.

5) Obey signs that prohibit parking on a particular stretch of roadway.

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Bluebonnets are starting to show up! Which means it's time for family photos! But as beautiful as they are there are...

Posted by Jarrell Police Department on Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Jarrell PD also offered a few little-known facts about bluebonnets that many may not be aware of.

Firstly, it not illegal to pick bluebonnets as is often said, unless they are on State Park property. It is, however, illegal to trespass onto someone else's private property to take pictures.

Secondly, bluebonnets can possibly be toxic to the nervous system if ingested by humans or animals, so ensure that pets and young children avoid eating any of the flowers.

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