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Lalo's Coffee & Pastries brings Hispanic culture to Waco

Established in 2020, Lalo's brings "Wacoans a little taste of Mexico".

WACO, Texas — It's officially Hispanic Heritage Month and one coffee shop in Waco has created a space where customers can get their coffee fix while connecting with their Latino heritage.

"You can try different things and you don't have to stick to a latte or vanilla latte," Andreas Zaloumis, Lalo's partner and general manager, said. "Try something different and kind of just grow your mind and your taste buds."

Lalo's Coffee & Pastries is the perfect place to do this.

You can try Horchata, Latin espresso, Cafe de Olla and more. The options are endless.

"The first thing people can expect when they come in is to not only be welcomed with a great attitude, but to also have this really comforting coffee," Matthew Templer, Lalo's store manager, said.

This Mexican inspired coffee brings a little taste of home back to Waco. But the feel of the shop is what makes it special.

"People love it," Zaloumis said. "They know they can come here and find something different than they would find anywhere else."

The shop was established in 2020 by owner Eduardo "Eddy" Garcia. Growing up surrounded by the Hispanic culture, his vision was to open up a shop and bring diversity to the city of Waco. Garcia approached Zaloumis to take on this adventure together.

"When you come in here it's an experience of not just getting a coffee product but getting to understand that this is something that is also appreciated in other places or in other cultures," Zaloumis said.

The Lalo's employees all feel a personal tie to the shops mission.

"Being here kind of brings me back to being in San Antonio," Templer said. "You're surrounded by the music and good coffee and that's what I think sets us apart."

Andreas Zaloumis was born in Zambia and have been in the states since he was 11. He has a similar third culture upbringing. He was born n one location, grew up somewhere else and is now placed in another diverse community.

"The lack of my culture and exposure drives me to want to expose that. I want to be around that and continue to create the opportunity for people that come here from different places," Zaloumis said. "I want them to feel welcomed and feel that they're not just outside the bubble, but that they're part of what's happening in Waco and how it's growing."

Lalo's is diversifying, expanding and growing the Hispanic culture -- one coffee at a time.

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