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6 Fix | Oncor says they're not responsible for falling power lines at Temple RV park

Residents have paid thousands of dollars out of their pockets to pay for costs of power line damage.

TEMPLE, Texas — RV owners at Lucky's RV Park off of Pegasus Drive in Temple have filed claims to Oncor after falling power lines have caused major damage to their RVs and pockets.

6 News covered this story a few weeks back. 

Since then, residents have received a letter from Oncor explaining that the company has contacted the park owner multiple times to inform them that parking RV’s in this location is a violation of that easement. 

They say it is not only a potential safety concern, but also prevents Oncor from fully accessing the electric infrastructure.

The letter also stated that residents have 14 days to cease the property or face legal action.

"The area where these RVs are parked is a utility easement beneath high voltage Oncor power lines. Utility easements provide Oncor the right to use land for construction, operation, and maintenance of our power lines, while also allowing landowners to continue to own and use the property in a manner that does not interfere with our facilities," Oncor Communications Manager Kerri Dunn explained. 

Now, residents are having to pay for costs to move out of pocket and have no help to pay for the damages the power lines caused.

"We were told to park there by the RV park management, the damage was done, but we were declined when filing a claim with Oncor and had to turn it in to our insurance. Now, we're out money," RV owner Janine Baker explained. 

There are at least 10 to 15 RV's parked under the power lines.

Another RV owner Nicole Bush moved her RV from that area before getting the letter, but is still hoping for some sort of money to pay for the damage and moving fees. 

"With it being a big company, they should be held accountable. There is so much more money we have to spend just to get our RV fixed properly," Bush shared.

Oncor says they have found no evidence of negligence or fault on their part and have denied nearly all claims from RV owners.

RV owners have attempted receive legal help with this issue, but the lawyers they've spoken to say they don't want to get involved with any legal battle with the Oncor company.

"While we hope to reach an amicable solution, we will take necessary steps to protect the use of the easement and ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to our customers," Dunn said.

Oncor claims the project to replace the lines in this area is still moving forward and remains a priority. Construction access may face additional challenges until the easement is clear.

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