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Plant buying is latest big trend during pandemic

The latest trend to emerge from COVID-19 is plant buying. Bonnie's Greenhouse in Waco has tips and tricks for new and old plant parents.

WACO, Texas — Have you noticed a few more plant pictures as you scroll through social media? COVID-19 lockdowns turned buying plants into the next big trend as people look for comfort and ways to preoccupy themselves.

At Bonnie's Greenhouse in Waco, owner Ashley Robken said they had an increase in customers during the pandemic.

"That ended up being a huge deal for people to cope during the pandemic because they felt pride in having something in their house that they could take care of," Robken said.

If you don't know much about plants, Robken recommends starting with a succulent or a small garden.

"You can do a simple starter butterfly garden. You can get a Gregg's Mist, Salvia Greggii, and Lantana and then you have three plants that are guaranteed to bloom all summer long," Robken said,

If you've been able to keep your plants alive and want to expand Robken recommends introducing new ones.

"They can do things that take a little more care that you're gonna have to change the soil a little bit and feed a little bit more and you're gonna have to water a little bit more. A lot of those things are like Hydrangeas, Azaleas, those just take a little more care and a little more experience," Robken said.

For those with more experience, who's plants were damaged during the historic winter storm earlier this year Robken said you shouldn't give up on them yet, but instead have some patience.

"I would suggest to everybody don't rip out your whole landscape you know give the things that have some green on them just a little bit of time to recuperate. Soil temperature is just now warming up enough to send the signal to some of those plants to let then know hey it's spring it's time to wake up. So we are actually set back several weeks from a normal spring when things would be waking up," Robken said.

The most important thing is to just choose a plant that makes you happy.

"Just get something that makes you feel good because the better it makes you feel, the better you're gonna take care of it," Robken said.

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