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Falling power lines frustrate Temple RV Park residents

Oncor told 6 News that it is currently working on a project to replace the impacted lines in this area.

TEMPLE, Texas — Constant falling power lines at Lucky's RV Park have residents fed up and seeking resolution before someone gets hurt.

Residents say the falling power lines cause them to lose power for days and they're also concerned for their safety.

"It's kind of scary cause you're just inside your RV the next thing you know, you hear powerlines popping and not knowing if maybe one landed on yours or not," RV owner Joseph Bush explained. 

Residents say whenever wind speeds reach at least 15 miles per hour, the power lines fall onto their RVs, causing them to lose power, blow out their outlets and put them at risk of being electrocuted.

RV owner Gennet Berhane says this has happened at least six times since she moved to the RV park last year. She recently called 911 after her RV caught fire earlier this week. 

"After this happened, my kids were thankful I wasn't home because the live wire was hitting my trailer and it would've killed me," she said.

The issue not only impacts residents at the RV Park, but it also impacts over 300 homeowners and business owners in the area.

Wilhoite Enterprises Owner Stan Wilhoit says whenever there's a storm in Temple, he and his wife prepare to lose money from groceries going bad in the fridge during the power outages.

"This has been going on for years and we have reached out to Oncor about this issue. We understand that Oncor is doing nothing but splicing the line and it's not a fix, it's a temporary," Wilhoite shared.

6 News reached out to Oncor for comment on this issue and they were well aware of the power line issues on Pegasus Drive.

They sent us a statement that says in part:

Safety and reliability is our number one priority. We are currently working on a project to replace the impacted lines in this area.

We want to remind our customers to keep safety top of mind and if they ever see a downed powerline, never approach, touch, or attempt to move a downed power line or any object in contact with a power line. Contact with power lines can cause serious injury or even death.

If you see a downed power line:

• Leave the area immediately and call 911. The 911 operator will contact Oncor directly and manage the situation until our personnel arrive.

• You can also report downed power lines at 1.888.313.4747 - Oncor.

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