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'I don't remember this ride going backwards': Canyon Lake family describes being stuck on Six Flags rollercoaster for several hours

Mark Pearson said the only thing he's been stuck in before is meetings.

SAN ANTONIO — On Saturday morning, Mark Pearson and his niece, 10-year-old Isabella Hernandez, decided to head to Six Flags Fiesta Texas from Canyon Lake to kick off their Memorial Day weekend. 

The duo decided to take their turn on the Poltergeist rollercoaster. 

"It's like my third favorite," Isabella said about the attraction. 

Less than a minute into their ride, however, Hernandez noticed something was wrong. She said the ride began to operate slower than usual. Suddenly, the family found themselves rocking to a stop. 

“I looked down and went, ‘Hmm, this is not going to be just walk down a plank to get back down,'" Pearson said. 

Pearson said crews arrived quickly, in just 15 minutes. 

Six Flags Fiesta Texas staff said it happened just before noon. Customers were stuck on the ride for up to three hours. Emergency crews were able to get the first passenger off the ride around 2 p.m. and the last passenger was rescued just after 3 p.m. 

“She was braver than me," Pearson said. "She went first and then I followed down behind her, but it was about 2:15 p.m. when we got to the Six Flags team and the paramedics.”

Fiesta Texas staff said riders were given waters to help keep them cool and hydrated. Pearson said firefighters with the San Antonio Fire Department also gave them umbrellas. 

Pearson said he felt the park and SAFD handled the situation well. The park confirmed no injuries were reported. Pearson said the only thing they're walking away with is a minor sunburn. 

Isabella said she has experienced something similar at the park before, but Pearson said this was new for him.

“The only thing I’ve been stuck in is meetings," he laughed.

So although it was an interesting start to the holiday weekend, Pearson said they know they'll be back. 

"Just not going on that ride," Isabella added, laughing. 

In a statement from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, officials sate the safety of their guests is their highest priority. At this time, it is unknown why the rollercoaster stopped, but the ride will remain closed until they complete their full inspection. 

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