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The story behind the recent surge to revitalize the City of Lott

Lott native Tarcia Hubert says she hopes her idea will motivate more business owners to go after their dreams.

LOTT, Texas — What began as an idea has turned into an all out revitalization for Lott, Texas.

Lott native Tarcia Hubert bought 80% of the abandoned business buildings on a strip in Lott to transform them into a block of Black-owned businesses.

"People were saying 'why are you all buying in Lott?' because there was nothing here. There is still nothing here today, but we're gonna bring the people to us. I'm operating in faith that we will," Hubert explained. 

The idea to revitalize Lott all began when Hubert's uncle purchased a building on the same strip in 2019. This peaked the interest of the Hubert's.

Once the opportunity presented itself, they ended up purchasing most of the abandoned business buildings on the Lott strip.

They were also inspired after they learned about the history of 'Black Wall Street'.

Hubert stated, "A lot of these buildings are passed out for families, generations and generations and they don't wanna let go of them and so he finally found somebody who was really, who owns multiple buildings and was willing to sell them."

Lott was once known as a successful city, and the family wanted to restore what it once was.

The population of Lott is a little over 700 people, but as more people continue to move to Texas, Hubert believes this revitalization will be great for this small town.

In addition to creating the next Black Wall Street, Hubert also plans to bring more local food options and medical care to the Lott community as time progresses.

She hopes more Black entrepreneurs are inspired by their story and invest in their own futures like they did.

"It's really important that we highlight Black owned businesses and Black entrepreneurship for youth and for those who have dreams. It's good to see that you could of course, go to college and go work for somebody else, but you also need to know that this is also an opportunity. You can create on business, you can start your own business and you can be your own boss," 

The Hubert's have made it known that even if someone is in a small town, it doesn't mean you can't have big dreams.

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