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6 Fix | Subdivison building causing flooding problems, City of Temple responds

The city is evaluating legal options to ensure the rights and interests of the affected residents are adequately protected.

TEMPLE, Texas — 6 News has followed the story regarding homeowners claiming the development of a new subdivision in Temple, Atascosa Estates, has caused major flooding.

Flood waters make it into resident's backyards and inside of their homes causing costly damage.

City of Temple spokesperson Allison O'Connor told 6 News the city is well aware of this issue. She also shared the City is evaluating legal options they may have to ensure that the rights and interests of the affected residents are adequately protected where City development standards have not been met.

The subdivision is being built on grounds that are at least four feet higher than the homes on the adjacent street, Filly Lane.  

"It's costing me $14,000 to get my home foundation repaired," Home owner Dale Rosen shared. "We just want someone to take accountability and help us."

The subdivision is being built on Campbelton Drive.

The plat was signed by Hopi Development, Inc. A Texas Corporation. Their director is Emilio A. Perales.

The engineering firm is Turley Engineering & Surveying and their operations manager is BJ Little.

6 News has contacted both Perales and Little numerous times but has yet to get a response.

O'Connor says the city has a specific design criteria in place to ensure that post-development runoff rates do not exceed pre-development runoff rates. But runoff is exactly what at least 20 homeowners are claiming to be dealing with.

Turley officials proposed that they will be installating silt fencing to address the immediate concerns and control the runoff. According to Turley, this measure aims to mitigate the concentration of runoff and prevent further damage to the affected homes.

"The construction plans and drainage report submitted by the engineer of record for the subdivision indicated that these criteria would be met by their design," O'Connor explained. "However, the current situation indicates that there are inadequacies in the design, construction or both."

The City says they understand the significance of this issue and the impact it has had on the affected homeowners and want to resolve these problems.

They plan to facilitate conversation between the developer/engineer and ensure they take responsibility for developing and delivering a viable remedy to address the situation.

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