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To vaccinate or not: that is the question on parents' minds in Central Texas

The CDC approved Covid Vaccines for children under five. Now parents are hesitant and have questions.

TEMPLE, Texas — The CDC put the final stamp of approval on a Covid vaccine for children under five. Now parents in the Central Texas area have a choice.

The McLane Children's Medical Center is expecting the arrival of one-thousand doses of the Covid vaccine in early July.

Doctors and Medical experts in the area say parents should consider vaccinating their children, if they are between the ages of six months to five-years-old.

"Talking to our pediatric experts, they're worried about subsequent mutations this fall, going into it," Dr. Lucia at McLane said. "Unfortunately having omicron or having had Covid does not appear to protect you."

He's referencing antibodies. Something, that over the course of two years, experts have found in someone who has fought off Covid.

It has been shown that mothers pass antibodies on to their babies in the womb. But Dr. Lucia said that is no reason to not get your baby vaccinated.

Another medical expert, Dr.Mersiovsky at A&M Central, says mothers should still vaccinate their babies at six months old.

"We saw what the variants did to younger children and babies, the numbers rose," Dr. Mersiovsky said.

Both doctors know the decision to get your child vaccinated takes time and research. They recommend finding resources that can help make a decision.

Doctors also ask that before making any decisions, that parents consult their pediatricians first.

As for the future, and how the virus will impact children, both doctors believe the vaccine is the safest route.

"We still want to get those kids the vaccine, even if they've had the disease process, to protect them from what waves are to come, especially this Fall," Dr. Lucia said.  

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