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'We just want to go home' | Tenants at Williams Trace Apartments are still in temporary housing after flood damage

At least eight people have been relocated to different units and want transparency from management.

CAMERON, Texas — The eight tenants at Williams Trace Apartments who were relocated to different units after major flood damage over two months ago have yet to move back into their original units.

Williams Trace Owner Steven Poe requested the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) visit the property before repairing the inside of their homes. The goal was to find out if the City of Cameron was responsible for the drainage issue the complex has been facing.

"The TCEQ couldn't find any evidence that there was any spillage of raw sewage," Poe explained. "Even with the video evidence that we gave them, they said they still wouldn't have got to say the water came from the city."

After receiving that information, Poe financed bringing in a restoration company to build a drainage ditch to better divert water. 

But for unknown reasons, the company stopped working at the complex and Poe said they have not been in contact with them since.

Now tenants say they haven't seen any progress being made and they don't think they'll ever make back into their homes.

"We thought we were going to be back home and we're not back home yet," Relocated tenant Kenneth Hart said.

The idea of leaving Williams Trace isn't an option for most of the residents. 

"I want to move, but it's hard to find someone to take Section 8," Relocated tenant David Jordan explained. "If you're disabled and on social security, you're just stuck here. We don't have the money to go nowhere else."

Tenants hope to see some sort of progress and move back into their homes by the end of the year.

Poe says he is still searching for a company to build a drainage ditch and has no solid answer on when tenants be able to move back into their homes.


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