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Woodway City Council votes to add senior programming to new family center, while citizens request the city's first senior center

Dozens of Woodway citizens asked the city council to consider making the old Woodway Family Center into a senior center at Monday's meeting.

WOODWAY, Texas — Residents in Woodway are picking a battle with the City Council on a building that could be demolished. The old Woodway Family Center, that's been serving the community for 30 years, is getting a replacement in November. Now, there's a group of resident that would like to see the original building turn into a senior center, a facility Woodway lacks.

"It's a slam dunk as far as i'm concerned, it's a great use of the old center," said Millie Woods, a Woodway resident of 28 years. "We're asking the council to please spare that center."

The old center could get demolished, but the senior community would like to make it into a place for fellowship.

"Just to fellowship with other seniors and that's important," Woods said. "We are being discriminated against. Six playgrounds for children and zero, none for the elderly, is definitely discrimination. We feel that's wrong and the City Council should correct that."

There were some intense moments in Sept. 11's meeting as there was a revolving door of debate about the possibility of a senior center. However, the City Council did not make any decision on the old Woodway Family Center's future as it wasn't on the agenda, but the council sure did hear about it.

"I would like you to keep the older building for the senior center - it makes sense to me," said one Woodway Resident during public comment.

"I can't think of no single reason why it would not be beneficial to this wonderful community we live in," another resident said.

"It helps us honor a legacy and I sure hope that you help our community heal by voting for it," said one resident to the council.

While the majority of speakers were in favor of the senior center, there were others who just wanted senior programming in the city and weren't worried about the location.

"It's the programming that enriches lives, not the building in which they occupy," said the husband of a Woodway councilwoman.

Senior programming at the new family center, not the old, is what was on the agenda on Sept. 11. Jimmy Rogers, the superintendent of the Woodway Family Center, shared ideas with council about games, fitness and activities that he would like to offer to seniors once the new building opens in November.

In a 4-3 vote, the Woodway City Council approved for senior programming to be added to the new Woodway's Family Center programming calendar. The mayor did request for a survey to be created so seniors can share their input on services and programs for them.

There was pushback and motions to postpone any action regarding senior programming by some council members, but it failed.

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