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As students move back to campus, Ohio State warns about recent off-campus robberies

Ohio State University police are providing tips to students to help keep themselves safe ahead of the new school year.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police are searching for the person accused of robbing an Ohio State University student at gunpoint early Monday morning.

The robbery happened around 1 a.m., just hours before students started moving in on campus. The student was not hurt.

The latest robbery happened just hours before students started moving back onto campus.

“It's concerning, it definitely makes me more aware if I am walking anywhere at night. I always feel like I need to have someone with me,” said Ohio State student Cara Chase.

As students start moving back onto campus, Ohio State wants to remind students about taking safety precautions, after several robberies have been reported just off-campus.

There were a dozen robberies in about a two-week span before the one early Monday morning.

“All of our campus safety messaging, the task force they put together, is really geared towards making sure they are getting the same messaging where the resources are at their fingertips at all times,” said Ohio State University officer Cassandra Shaffer.

The university is reminding students to walk in groups at night, not to wear earbuds with music playing loudly, and options for safety rides.

Shaffer said not all crime is preventable, but students can be proactive.

“I think it's always a concern for us because of our large campus, one of the largest in the country, in the middle of the city,” Shaffer said.

Ohio State is working with Columbus police to provide a visible safety presence.

“With what we've seen in the rise in robberies, many of those are in the campus area. So we hope that students are paying more attention to those crime trends,” said Columbus Police Sergeant Shaun Laird.

Students say they know with the influx of new people on-campus, criminals will be looking for easy targets.

“It's always at the front of my mind, is just being safe where I'm going,” Chase said.

Columbus police have increased patrols in the off-campus area, and Ohio State has put together a task force focusing on safety.

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