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Escaped inmate Brandon Hogan placed on Texas Most Wanted List

Hogan has still not been recaptured, and authorities believe he is getting desperate.

CORYELL COUNTY, Texas — Escaped Coryell County inmate Brandon Hogan has been placed on the Texas Most Wanted Fugitives list, after authorities have been searching for him for nearly two and a half weeks. Coryell County Sheriff Scott Williams gave a second update on the situation during a news conference.

This conference revealed that not only had Hogan been placed on the Most Wanted list, there is now a $5,000 reward for his capture.

Williams began the conference by saying that Brandon Hogan has not yet been caught, and is still at large. He said that the search has been widened, and that authorities have run down hundreds of leads, and are continuing to do so. 

Williams once again encouraged citizens to send in any tips that they may have, whether proven or not. He said any information helps, and the Sheriff's Office will sort out what is valid and what is not.

Williams also reiterated that Hogan should not be approached if seen. Williams believes Hogan to be very dangerous, and believes that he is getting desperate now as well. Williams told citizens to stay away from Hogan if they see him and immediately contact the office at 254-865-7201.

Once again, Williams asserted his resolve to capture Hogan, saying that thousands of people are looking for him, and will not stop looking until he is found and returned to jail.

"You have to get lucky every time, we only have to get lucky once," Williams told Hogan.

The stand was then turned over to Brian Washko, a Sergeant in the Highway Patrol of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Washko was the one who stated that Brandon Hogan has been added to the Texas Most Wanted Fugitives List. In addition to the department's efforts, they will also be offering a cash reward of $5,000 to anyone who gives information that leads to Hogan's arrest. 

Tips can be made through the Texas Crime Stoppers website, and by calling 1-800-252-8477. They can also be made through the Texas Most Wanted website, or the DPS mobile app. All tips are anonymous through each of these sources.

Sheriff Williams added to this by saying that the overall bounty from all sources is now up to $7,500. He went on to thank all of the many law enforcement agencies who have been helping with the search.

Williams then opened the floor to questions. He stated that Hogan did not have help at the beginning of the escape, but that they believe he is being helped by someone now. Williams also reinforced his threat from the previous conference to prosecute anyone who is helping Hogan. 

Williams also said that Hogan is intimately familiar with the area in which he escaped, and that the Sheriff's Office is protecting Hogan's former victim. 

Williams ended by answering a question about Hogan's escape, saying that Hogan was not qualified for the work crew that he escaped from. He said that the oversight will be investigated once Hogan is recaptured.

Hogan escaped from a three-person, supervised work crew while they were doing ground work at Seaton Cemetery on Sept. 26. Hogan had been in jail since Aug. 1 for counts of Theft of a Firearm, Burglary of a Habitation, Continuous Family Violence, and Criminal Mischief.

Law enforcement agencies across the state of Texas have been searching for Hogan since the escape, including the Coryell County Sheriff's Office, the Lone Star Task Force, Texas DPS, Texas Game Wardens, Team Texas Canines, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and elements of the McLennan County Sheriff's Office.

The full conference can be watched HERE, and on the KCEN 6 News app.

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