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Falls County sheriff accused of sexual assault can keep gun, badge, patrol car, judge rules

The Falls County District Judge crossed out several of the bond conditions requested by the prosecutor for Sheriff Ricky Scaman.

MARLIN, Texas — Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman won't have to wear an ankle monitor, can keep his badge and gun and use his marked police car, according to the bond conditions approved by District Judge Bryan Russ.

Scaman was arrested Monday afternoon on charges of sexual assault, assault on a public servant and official oppression.

District and County Attorney Pro Tem Christina Lee requested 16 conditions for Scaman's bond in a four page motion. Russ' initials are next to five crossed out conditions.

The conditions would have forced Scaman to surrender his badge and gun, wear an ankle monitor, "not perform any police functions without the express approval of the Court" and he would have been forced to give up his marked police car.

According to the motion, Lee requested the conditons "Due to the alleged facts and circumstances of this case, the State has concerns regarding the safety of the victims, children, other family members and the community."

6 News reached out to District Attorney Kathryn Gilliam for her response to the judge's ruling but we were told she had nothing to say.

The remaining conditions prohibit Scaman from leaving Falls County without the supervision of an officer, not use alcohol or drugs and have no contact with the alleged victims.

A Falls County Grand Jury indicted Scaman on one count of sexual assault, two counts of assault public servant and two counts of official oppression. 

According to the indictment, Scaman penetrated one of the alleged victim's genitals with his finger or hand on Aug. 5 without her consent. Scaman also groped her breasts, pushed her against a car and pulled her hair, the indictment said. He also made "unwelcome sexual advances" or "requests for sexual favors."

The victim was a City of Marlin employee.

Scaman was also indicted for an alleged assault of a Falls County jailer on April 1. Scaman is accused of groping her genitals and requesting sexual favors.

Two complaints were made against Scaman in 2018 by two former employees of the Falls County Sheriff's office alleging sexual assault and sexual harassment.

According to federal court records, both of those cases, which were civil suits, were dismissed in Judge Alan Albright's court.

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