TEMPLE, Texas — Halloween is right around the corner and if you plan to take your children trick-or-treating, safety is a priority.

At the top of your list should be knowing where registered sex offenders live in your neighborhood.

Most registered sex offenders are not restricted from celebrating Halloween, but they have to make their address public. Convicted sex offenders with specific parole or probation requirements are barred from handing out candy.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a registered sex offender database that parents can use to map candy routes and know which houses to avoid.

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Putting in an address will allow you to see if a registered sex offender lives in the vicinity. You can also view pictures of the registered offender, his or her age, address and what the person was charged with.

It is recommended that parents accompany young trick-or-treaters at least until the age of 12 and parents with older children should stay in cellphone contact.

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