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Harris County deputy accused of sexually assaulting woman he met at bar after hot tub encounter

The alleged incident happened after the victim and her wife met the deputy and his wife at a Pasadena bar.

HOUSTON — A Harris County Precinct 8 deputy has been placed on administrative leave while investigators look into an accusation of sexual assault.

The case is being investigated by the Houston Police Department after they said Jeffery Lamar was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his hot tub.

The alleged incident happened on Aug. 31, 2019.

According to a search warrant, the deputy and his wife were at a Pasadena bar when he met his victim and her wife. The four of them ended up hanging out at the bar for a period of time before the victim offered to take them Lamar and his wife to their home, the document read. 

The victim said Lamar and his wife invited them inside their home to hang out more and have a few more drinks. The victim and her wife agreed.

The victim told investigators that they all decided to get into a hot tub. The victim said while in the hot tub, Lamar began rubbing her thigh which made her feel uncomfortable. She told investigators she immediately got out of the hot tub and told her wife it was time to go. 

The victim said everyone got out of the tub. She then said she went inside of the house to dry off and get her clothes. 

The victim claims she was alone in the living room with the suspect and that's when he sexually assaulted her.

The victim told detectives that she was able to push the suspect away and run out of the house. She said she asked her wife to go back inside and get her clothes.

According to court documents, the victim and her wife drove back to their hotel and the wife ended up falling asleep. The victim said she was in so much pain that she called her mother and asked her to take her to the hospital. 

Doctors performed a sexual assault exam on the victim and a forensic nurse told detectives that she observed nothing to indicate that the victim was fabricating her story upon examination.  

A search warrant has been issued for Lamar and his wife's phone.

Lamar was arrested and charged by HPD for allegedly interfering with the duties of a public servant on Aug. 31. That case was later dismissed. 

He has not been charged in the sexual assault case.

Lamar remains on leave pending the conclusion of HPD's investigation into the sexual assault. Precinct 8 said they are conducting their own internal investigation.

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