It started with an outcry made by a 13-year-old girl. The allegations turned into an investigation by San Angelo Police. The offense, possession of child pornography. The alleged offender, Ringo Garza, better known as the drummer for Los Lonely Boys.

According to police reports, on July 21st, a 13-year-old female told Garza’s wife that Garza, who is 35, had taken screenshots of her nude breasts. The victim told her that she and Garza were Facetiming on July 20th when he asked her to expose her breasts, when she did, she heard the screenshot sound.

On July 22nd, Garza’s wife called police.

Police learned that often, when the victim would try to get off of the phone when talking to Garza he would become angry. He told her the only way he would no longer be mad at her is if she showed him her nude breasts. The report calls this behavior “grooming,” or where a sexual predator conditions the victim to comply with their requests.

Police reports also say that about three months before the outcry, Garza Facetimed the victim while she was in the shower. He repeatedly asked her to move the phone so he could see her nude body.

The victim also told police she had showered with both Garza and his wife about a month before the outcry. The police report calls this behavior “highly inappropriate” and “suggestive of sexual abuse.”

After the outcry was made, police got a search warrant for Garza’s home. The affidavit states that the affiant believes Garza was in possession of child pornography. On July 24th law enforcement executed the search warrant and seized at least 24 electronic items capable of storing images.

Those items were all sent off to be analyzed. If any pornographic images are found, Garza will be charged with possession of child pornography.

We did reach out to San Angelo Police to see what they could tell us about this investigation. They couldn't release much.

"I can confirm that in July, 2017, the San Angelo Police department was contacted and we did begin an investigation which is ongoing,” Officer Tracy Gonzalez with the San Angelo Police Department said.

Garza’s lawyer has responded and told us he is looking at the documents before he gives a statement.

Garza has not been arrested or charged in connection to the investigation.