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'Come and arrest me' | NY man charged with threats against Trump, 12 members of Congress

In a voicemail, the Secret Service says Thomas Welnicki said he wanted to "take out Trump and his 12 monkeys."

WASHINGTON — A New York man repeatedly called the Secret Service with threats to kill former President Donald Trump and unnamed members of Congress, according to charging documents unsealed this week.

Thomas Welnicki, of Rockaway Beach, New York, is accused of making multiple statements to both U.S. Capitol Police and the Secret Service about his desire to kill the former president. Federal law makes it a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison to threaten former presidents or members of their immediate family.

In a voicemail message left for the Secret Service’s Long Island Resident Office on January 4 of last year, Welnick allegedly claimed to believe there was a $350,000 reward out to kill Trump and 12 unidentified members of Congress who backed him. Trump is identified as “Individual-1” in the document.

“I am going to do anything I can to take out [Individual-1]. Oh yeah, that’s a threat, come and arrest me,” Welnicki allegedly said. “I will do anything I can to take out [Individual-1] and his 12 monkeys.”

According to investigators, Welnicki placed additional calls to the Secret Service in September, November and December – all to convey the same message. In one, Welnicki allegedly asked what guns the Secret Service uses and claimed to own guns and ammunition. In another, investigators said, Welnick repeatedly referred to Trump as “Hitler” and said, “I will do everything I can to make sure [Individual-1] is dead.”

Welnicki also allegedly asked about how to set up a protest at Trump’s home, and stated, “The new civil war could break out and taking up arms against the government is justified when ballots don’t matter.”

The charging documents against Welnicki were unsealed Monday in the Eastern District of New York and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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