Temple Police announced Monday they were investigating a shooting that happened just before 5 a.m. in the 900 block of S. 33rd Street.

The victim told investigators that two burglars broke into a home where he and his son were staying. He and the son ran out of the house and went to get help, according to police.

Shortly afterward, the victim said someone began shooting, and he took cover behind a tree, according to Temple Police Spokesperson Shawana Neely.

The suspects then made their getaway in a dark-colored SUV, leaving a neighboring house with three bullet holes in it, according to Neely. The house that sustained the bullet holes was occupied, but nobody inside was injured, Neely said.

One bullet went through the front window and came within a foot of hitting the family's sleeping son, according to a resident at the house that was struck by bullets.

Officers were unable to locate the bullets and provided no description of the suspects.

Neely said it was too early to say if the case was related to another incident that happened nearby less than an hour earlier.

Around 4:05 a.m., a woman told police two men wearing hoodies drawn around their faces forced their way through her back door in the 1300 block of N.12th Street, entered her bedroom, and demanded money and keys to a 2017 Dodge Charger parked outside. She believed they may have been armed with a gun, though she could not clearly see, according to police.

The victim told the suspects she did not have money nor the car keys because the Charger did not belong to her, Neely explained. At that point, the suspects left through the back door.

The only description police gave of the suspects in the second case was that the victim said they were black males.

Both cases are under investigation.