KILLEEN, Texas — A Killeen woman said she couldn't believe what she saw after she got a notification from her Ring camera Tuesday. 

Svenja Jefferson is the owner of Glamorous Brow Studio. She was at work when the security system told her motion was detected at her front door.

When she opened her app, she saw two little girls stealing a package from her doorstep. 

Footage shows one girl trying to cover the camera's lens with what Jefferson said was a security yard sign from her yard while another crawls out from behind a bush and makes her way toward the door.

Jefferson said she was worried the kids might not have been working alone.

"I think this is why this video is getting so much attention because it’s a little strange for kids that young to go that far," Jefferson said. "I can’t help but to wonder if they were put up to this after seeing the footage. I want to believe that’s not the case, but the thought that was put into it makes me wonder."

Jefferson said girls stole $300 worth of makeup. 

She said she does not know the two girls but wants them to understand what they did was wrong.

"If nothing comes out of this, I at least want them to learn a lesson and hopefully turn this around before worse things happen," Jefferson said.

Jefferson said a neighbor recovered the stolen makeup and she’s thrilled to the products back.