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Former Temple lead detective presents timeline of events in Cedric Marks trial

Marks says the timeline is based on Corey Powell's narrative and beliefs. Powell countered Marks saying his timeline is based strictly on admitted evidence.

BELL COUNTY, Texas — The fifth week of the Cedric Marks trial kicked back up with intense testimony from former lead Temple detective Corey Powell.

Marks is on trial for the murder of Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin in 2019 and has been representing himself. The earliest day for a verdict is May 26. 

"Justice takes time sometimes," Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza said.  

To start off, Powell walked the jury through a timeline of events leading up to the disappearances of Swearingin and Scott. His testimony included a timeline with physical locations, calls, texts, security footage and any recorded activity for extraction reports. 

Powell says he believes the abduction time of Swearingin was around 4:10 p.m. on Jan. 3, 2019. Vivint camera footage shows Swearingin walking outside of his house, looking around and turning to the left. This would be the last time he was seen. 

Just eight minutes later, Scott received a message from Swearingin's phone saying to come to his house. Powell says this was Marks trying to lure Scott in.

Scott arrived about 30 minutes later and was not seen again. That same night there was search history of how to delete Vivint video footage on Swearingin's computer.

Throughout the evening, messages are sent to Scott's mother and Swearingin's girlfriend, but Powell says he believed it wasn't either of them sending the texts. 

Marks' and Maxwell's cell phone locations also show travel history to Austin, where Swearingin's car was later found. 

The next day, Marks' and Maxwell's phone reports show travel history near Clearview, Oklahoma for hours close to where the two bodies would be discovered. 

In cross examination, Marks says the timeline is based on Powell's narrative and beliefs. Powell countered him saying his timeline is based strictly on admitted evidence. 

Throughout the timeline from Jan. 1, 2019 to Jan. 12, 2019, the report showed multiple conversations and phone calls with different women. 

Powell says Marks was in a total of 17 relationships, some being at the same time. 

"You just string all these women along," Powell said to Marks in frustration.

Marks continuously pointed out inconsistencies in the timeline, specifically phone calls and security footage time stamps that did not match up with testimony from other witnesses. Marks asked why any witnesses would lie about their whereabouts and conversations with him. 

"You were plastered as a serial killer all over the media," Powell said. 

Powell told Marks he is aware that he wiped his phone, so this potentially could account for the inconsistences. According to Powell, experts are coming in to testify about this.  

Marks then asked Powell about his motives and if he really thought he would drive all the way from Michigan to Texas to kill his ex-girlfriend. 

"I believe you drove to Texas to kill Jenna Scott," Powell said. "You hated Michael too. You said you were going to cut his head off."

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