TEMPLE, Texas -- A pair of thieves stole $4,500 worth of cigarettes from a delivery truck in Temple on Friday.

The thieves, described only as two black males, took three cases (90 cartons) of cigarettes from an 18-wheeler driven by two McLane employees who had stopped by the Shell station located at 12310 NW HK Dodgen Loop to buy some beverages, according to Temple Police.

At 3:35 a.m., officers were dispatched to the gas station where they met with the two McLane employees, who explained they had seen the same two males on nearby McLane's property while the employees were loading the truck beforehand. The employees said they then saw the two thieves running away from the trailer at the Shell station after the theft -- describing their getaway vehicle as a gold 4-door car.

No suspects had been apprehended as of Monday morning, and the case was still under investigation.