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'Everything I own got stolen' | Baylor graduate's packed U-Haul trailer stolen

The Class of 2022 graduate is asking the community to help recover irreplaceable, sentimental items.

WACO, Texas — It was big weekend for Baylor University seniors as they walked the stage, but one student's special weekend had an unexpected turn of events when a trailer with all her stuff inside was stolen.

"Just soul crushing, I was supposed to be having this like really big celebration weekend like I've accomplished such a big milestone and the only thing I'm really going to be able to remember from this weekend is that everything I own got stolen," said recent Baylor graduate Logan Rainey

The Waco Police Department is investigating after Rainey's U-Haul trailer was stolen in the 1700 block of South 10th Street early Sunday morning.

Ring doorbell footage obtained by 6 News shows the trailer parked in front of Rainey's house was pulled away by some truck.

Neighbors report that a truck similar to the one pulling the trailer was stopped in front of a house near Rainey's, rang the doorbell and was wanting to find out if pieces of furniture in the front yard were free or not.

Rainey said the items had little monetary value, but they're irreplaceable to her -- like a memory of a loved one.

"More I've been remembering like what was in the trailer it's been getting like more and more sad," she said. "Like my grandpa, he passed away 10 years ago and the only thing that I have from him was a sweater and it was in the trailer. So it's stuff like that."

She also had decor, kitchen appliances and the majority of her clothes loaded in the trailer.

Rainey and her roommates feel a sense of vulnerability in their home as someone willingly took the trailer parked out front.

"There's just been a lot of theft in general and it definitely doesn't make us feel safe," she told 6 News.

Cierra Shipley, the spokeswoman for Waco Police Department, says property crimes like this situation are not uncommon.

"Especially when those Baylor kids are in school," she said. "From the time that they get here to the time that they leave, crime around that area does increase."

Shipley says this type of theft is what the department calls a crime of opportunity and she stresses the importance to secure things.

"The best thing to do is going to be to keep that trailer in a secure location, behind a locked gate with a locking mechanism on the trailer if it is not already attached to your vehicle," Shipley said.

For Rainey, she just wants her things back and is choosing to hold on to positive memories of her time at Baylor.

"No hard feelings to Texas, this is an isolated incident," she added.

The trailer that was stolen was a 4x8 cargo trailer from U-Haul.

Rainey said the trailer also has "Missoula" on the side and also has North Carolina license plates.

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