A Temple homeowner said he would have lost his pickup truck if it was not for the surveillance camera he had facing his driveway.

Stephen Sustaita moved to Jamestown Drive in Temple about a month ago. Yesterday, he parked his pickup truck in his driveway and left his work bag -- which included a spare set of keys -- inside. Later, when he went to grab his work bag and bring it inside the house, it was nowhere to be found.

He had recently installed a Vivint Outdoor Surveillance Camera, so he went and reviewed the footage. When he did, he saw video of two males stealing his work bag from the pickup truck. He later found the bag dumped down the street, but his spare keys were gone, he said.

He called Temple Police who warned thieves might return for the vehicle. With that in mind, Sustaita pulled fuses out of his pickup truck to sabotage any potential thieves.

"If it wasn't for the camera, I would've just thought I misplaced my bag," Sustaita explained when reached by phone. "And, I never would've taken the fuses out and tried to sabotage the thieves."

Sure enough, eight hours later, two different men returned with the key and tried to steal the truck. They made it out of the driveway -- but did not make it much further down the road. The attempted vehicle theft was caught on camera, too.

Temple Police are now investigating both incidents -- which involved a total of four different males.

If you have any information about the case, you can submit an anonymous web tip to Crime Stoppers by clicking here.

Watch all three pieces of surveillance footage that were captured below: