Rosebud's former police chief was arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman on probation in Falls County.

Quincy Deon Lee, 39, of Chilton, resigned in 2017 after allegations first surfaced. Those accusations became clearer when he was arrested Wednesday and his warrant was made public on Thursday.

According to the arrest warrant, Lee forced the woman on probation to have sex and oral sex with him 3-4 times over a six month period that began in September 2014. The alleged victim said Lee would catch her after she was drinking and convince her to come have sex at his office instead of getting in trouble for violating her probation, according to the warrant. Lee would shut and lock the door and have sex with her at night while they were the only people in the building, the warrant said.

"I had to sleep (have sex) with him not to get in trouble with my probation," the alleged victim explained in the affidavit.

The woman claimed Lee would contact her through Facebook messages, but she had deleted the messages. The warrant said Lee told the alleged victim he would help her get her children back from CPS if she had sex with him -- be he never did so.

The Texas Rangers were still investigating Lee, as of Thursday afternoon. Lee was charged with second degree felony sexual assault. He was booked at the Falls County Jail. He was later released on $20,000 bond.

But, another public document suggested the woman was not the only one to have an experience with Lee. According to a separate search warrant, a man claimed to have had an ongoing sexual relationship with Lee, while Lee was employed as a deputy in Falls County.

"[The man] told me Chief Lee would give him narcotics or money in exchange for sex," an investigator wrote in that separate search warrant. "[He] alleged as long as he was satisfying Chief sexually Chief Lee would look the other way and help [him] out if he was to get into trouble with local law enforcement."

The warrant, which was used to try to obtain Facebook information, said that the man and Lee exchanged messages about their alleged sexual encounters.

"I observed several discussions between them about their sexual encounters with each other also sharing internet videos of persons engaged in sexual encounters with animals," the investigator wrote in the warrant.

In one exchange, the man asked for crack cocaine from Lee, who replied "I'm ready to mount you," according to the warrant. In another situation, the warrant described Lee using a marked patrol car to pick up the man at Chilton Elementary School. The pair went on to have oral and anal sex in the marked car, and Lee gave the man $10, the warrant said.