TYLER, Texas — A daughter in search of her mother's wedding ring who lost her life in the Alto tornadoes.

Kerrie Joplin-Bell, was at a movie when she found out her mother Joanna, was at the Caddo Mounds historic site when the tornado hit.

"On Saturday, my step father and mother, they've been on vacation for a week in the woodlands. And they were stopping through Caddo Mounds historic site," Joplin-Bell said. "And they'd gone in and done all that. And then they were sitting in their van. And without any warning, a tornado came through, there were no sirens.

Joplin-Bell says she believes the van was probably flipped about 80 yards. Soon after, she discovered her mother did not make it.

"My step dad, it was pouring down rain and had broken bones and he held her head up and covered her from the rain for three hours until first-responders could get there," Joplin-Bell said.

She says the reality of it all is still setting in.

"It just doesn't seem real. You know, it's odd. You don't hear about people passing from a tornado," Joplin-Bell said. "You know, it's just something that just you read about it. You hear about it on the news, but you don't think it's going to happen to you." 

As Joplin-Bell and her family cope with the loss of their loved one. They are now looking for something her mother left behind.

"We are looking for her wedding ring. They were married 34 years. And I would very much like to give it to my little sister. It’s not worth a lot, but emotionally it is," Joplin-Bell said. "She worked for 34 years, never took it off. That's why we know she had it on and it probably came off. We've taken metal detectors out to the site and looked for it. My other sister and brother are out there right now doing it again."

She does not have a picture of the ring, but gives a detailed description.

"It's gold with a Solitaire and probably about a size four or five," Joplin-Bell explained.

Joplin-Bell says she hopes finding the ring will help the healing process.

"I think so just have a part of her, I really would love for my little sister to have it when she gets married," Joplin-Bell said.

Joplin-Bell is confident the ring will find its way home. 

"She was quite stubborn and interment herself and she passed on to us so we will not give up. We know it's a slim chance. I mean, there's no telling where it's at," said Joplin-Bell said. "But there's a lot of good people in this community. They've been so sweet, and we know if somebody finds it they'll return it." 

If you happen to find Kerrie's mother's ring at the Caddo Mounds, you can reach out to the Facebook group organized for victims of the tornadoes.