Nestled in Hot Springs Arkansas' bathhouse row lies Superior Bathhouse Brewery. Housed in a building built more than a century ago, current owner and master brewer Rose Schweikhart re-imagined the former bathhouse, which was shuttered in the early 80s and stood closed for 30 years before she reopened it as a beer-making operation in 2013.

Hers is the only brewery in the world to use thermal spring water to brew beer, and it was the first brewery in a U.S. national park. Rose and her team heat the 144 degree spring water an extra 30 degrees or so, turning it into a wide range of beers. There are more than a dozen beers on tap at a given time.

As someone with a huge passion for beer and music, Schweikhart said coming up with beer recipes is much like writing a song.

"Like any artist, I will have an idea in my head of what type of beer I'd like to make," Schweikhart said. "And then it's my job to figure out what ingredients and what tools we need to make that beer happen."

Schweikhart gave Meteorologist Zac Scott and Texas Today Reporter Jamie Kennedy a tour of her facility and let them try the beer, as part of Day 3 of their Eclipse Trip road trip to Kentucky to see the total solar eclipse. Follow their trip by clicking here.

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