KCEN-TV Meteorologist Zac Scott and Texas Today Feature Reporter Jamie Kennedy rented an RV and began a roundabout journey to view Monday's total solar eclipse in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

On Friday, they made it to Nashville, which is the largest city in the total eclipse path. City leaders estimate $20 million will be spent in Nashville this weekend. Of course, the city is best known as the Music City for its active singing and songwriting community. It has been hub for music performance for more than 200 years.

"You walk down the street and every bar, every venue, there's a different musician in it, which is crazy," Nashville-based country artist Alyssa Trahan told KCEN-TV.

Jamie and Zac enlisted Trahan's help to write a jingle about their RV trip to the eclipse. In fewer than 15 minutes, Trahan had already figured out a chorus and within 30 minutes had an entire song. Using her own recording studio, she laid down instrumental tracks and taught the news team how to record vocals.

The final result included vocals by Alyssa, Zac, Jamie and KCEN-TV field producer Stephen Adams.

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