Texas Today Reporter Jamie Kennedy and Meteorologist Zac Scott stopped in Memphis Thursday on their roundabout RV trek to view the total solar eclipse Monday in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Memphis has soul music running through its veins thanks largely to Stax Records. The city is also big on its soul food, which doesn't come any bigger than the Kookamunga Burger at the Kooky Canuch.

You will get 4 lbs of ground chuck, 2 lbs of bun, and 1 lb of vegetables. And, make no mistake, this is a food challenge - which you have one hour to complete.

Only 27 people have managed to finish the burger, and the current record is a blistering 4.46 minutes. Because of its size the restaurant has to get custom buns made for them which are extra think to hold that amount of food.

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